Wealth management can be both overwhelming and challenging when tackling it alone. While you may make some sound financial choices, one seemingly small oversight could have disastrous consequences for your financial well-being. Thus, many people turn to a trusted Denver wealth manager to ensure they are making the best decisions to reach financial goals.

What is a Wealth Manager?

A wealth manager is a financial advisor that assists high-net-worth individuals navigate their finances. Rather than focusing on one pain point or one facet of an individual’s financial picture, wealth managers have a hands-on, comprehensive, and personalized approach to financial planning and managing wealth.

Not only do they offer advice tailored to your situation, but they implement the plan for you from start to finish. Wealth managers are experts in making your money work for you, not the other way around.

Wondering if a wealth manager is the right financial professional for you? Read on to see just a few of the many reasons why wealth managers can improve your financial situation.

Wealth Managers See the Big Picture

Denver wealth managers know how to tackle complex financial portfolios and mold them into effective long-term financial plans that will maintain and maximize their clients’ wealth. They’re specifically trained to understand your needs and meet your financial goals while proactively and simultaneously forming and executing new strategies for you.

Retirement Planning and Transferring Wealth

Planning for the long run includes planning for retirement and beyond. Retirement is one place you will see the benefits of a wealth manager’s investing and tax planning strategies. We want you to enjoy life by design which means being comfortable and worry-free in retirement. In addition, Denver wealth managers will help you formulate a plan to transfer your wealth to the next generation through arrangements like trusts, strategic gifting, and scholarships.

Curated Investment Strategies

To help make decisions when it comes to their clients’ investments, Denver wealth managers conduct a risk assessment before putting together an investment strategy. For example, let’s say you’ve decided to start planning for retirement early in your career. You may be in a better position to take on risk as opposed to someone who is nearing the end of their career.

After constructing your risk profile, wealth managers will utilize it to build you an investment portfolio that aligns with your goals. A riskier profile will contain riskier assets with higher growth potential, such as emerging market equities. On the other hand, a cautious portfolio may rely heavily on corporate and government bonds, which are all around safer investments but generally return less overall.

Looking Out for You

Wealth managers are long-term partners who look out for your best interests. In other words, they’ll keep an eye on every facet of the financial world—from economic projections to the everchanging investment landscape and will help you make decisions that make sense based on your goals. They work closely with a team of researchers and other financial professionals who routinely analyze the market and the economy. Thus, your wealth manager will be the first one to know if there are changes that need to be made so you can continue to maintain a strong and secure financial position. For example, if a recession is predicted to be on the horizon, your wealth manager may suggest reducing your equities position and allocating your money into municipal bonds. Conversely, if the economy is projected to be heating up, wealth managers may encourage you to prioritize certain growth stocks or mutual funds.

The Bottom Line

Wealth managers are incredibly useful financial professionals that are laser-focused on ensuring that their client’s foreseen and unforeseen financial needs are met. If you are looking for a Denver wealth manager that has a holistic, comprehensive approach to building your wealth, look no further than Morgan Rosel Wealth Management. From advanced tax planning to fiduciary investment advice, our experienced team of Denver wealth managers have the tools and expertise to guide, guard, and grow your wealth so you can enjoy life by design.

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