The Challenge

Real estate investing can be an important part of your overall wealth management strategy, if done properly. Many real estate investors gradually build a real estate portfolio by using the gains from previously purchased properties to purchase additional or more expensive properties. A crucial part of this wealth management strategy is the use of a 1031 exchange to defer capital gains taxes.

Our client came to us with a substantial portfolio of real estate investments. They wished to be done with the day-to-day property management responsibilities of real estate ownership. Initially, they wanted to sell about a half dozen of their properties and reinvest the proceeds into the stock and bond market. However, this client had owned these properties for many years and, as such, would have a very large capital gains tax owed upon the sale.

Our Solution

Morgan Rosel’s wealth managers devised a strategy that would allow our client to liquidate their properties but do so using a 1031 exchange, a tax deferral strategy known as a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST). When Morgan Rosel initially explained the concept of a DST 1031, the client wanted to use a DST to defer the entire capital gains tax. However, after listening to our advice, they recognized that it would make sense to realize at least a portion of the capital gain in the current year. 

Although deferring capital gains tax can be a smart strategy, eventually the tax man comes calling to collect. In other words, you cannot defer capital gains tax forever, unless you intend to hold the asset until your death. Furthermore, it is possible that the capital gains tax rate could be higher when it comes time to pay the tax. 

After hearing our financial advisor’s recommendation, the client sold the majority of their real estate investment properties, paid capital gains tax on a portion of the sales, reinvested those proceeds into the stock and bond market, and deferred the remainder of the gains by reinvesting into real estate via a DST 1031 exchange.

The Results

By utilizing a DST 1031 exchange for a portion of the realized capital gains, our client accomplished several goals. First, the client deferred over $500,000 in capital gains tax owed on the sale of properties through the use of a DST 1031 exchange. By utilizing a DST, not only did the client defer taxes, but they also maintained portfolio diversification through the continued ownership of real estate via a DST. 

Second, since the use of a DST allows for passive ownership of real estate investments, the client could rid themselves of the headache of direct property management. 

Third, by recognizing a portion of the capital gains in the current year, the client spread the tax liability over multiple years to avoid a massive tax bill down the road, and was able to take advantage of favorable capital gains rates.

As a reminder, the above case study represents the successful implementation of a DST 1031 strategy. Not all such cases are successful, as it is possible that a client could choose to defer capital gains taxes, yet face higher taxes in the future due to an increase in the capital gains rate. Additionally, not all DST investments achieve their targeted investment return and like any investment, it is possible to lose a significant portion of your capital—we’ve seen this happen with clients! It is very important to consider the potential risks of such a strategy before implementation.

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